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Historic Photographs

courtesy of Adams House & Museum


B and M No 1 headframe.jpg (1448475 bytes) B and M No. 1 Headframe
Ellison Group2.jpg (2886189 bytes) Ellison Headframe and other buildings
HMC assay office.jpg (827179 bytes) Assay Office
Ross Headframe HMC 1934.jpg (3330989 bytes) Ross Headframe (1934)
Open Cut miners late 1800's.jpg (1621500 bytes) Miners in the Open Cut (late 1800's)
Jackleg drilling.jpg (1873225 bytes) Jackleg Drilling
Yates skip.jpg (3370764 bytes) Yates Skip
Yates hoist room Nordberg.jpg (1186341 bytes) Yates Hoist Room
gold pour at refinery early 1900's.jpg (2534072 bytes) Gold Pour (early 1900's)
gold and scales at assay office.jpg (3819873 bytes) Gold and scales at the assay office
Homestake Bacterial Processing Plant