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This is the data This is the reworked data file for a receiver at 175 ft.  The original file had a glitch in it due to all of those floppies and had to be redownloaded.

picksu script file that windows, frequency filters, dip filters, and stacks the traces.  Note that typing "s" while in an active plot will dump the cursor location into a data file which can then be copied and pasted wherever you would like.  The file and extension should be obvious by listing the files after the particular plot window is closed.  An example of the ASCII input file is shown (should run with no effort).  Also note that you can copy and paste in the LINUX terminal window by Ctrl+Shift+c so it is not necessary to type the entire file name into the script input.

records 10-21-2011.xlsx  this is a list of the records, traces, and distances for the various source and receiver locations

175s-28-3 this is an example data file listing the traces that will be windowed, frequency- filtered, dip-filtered, and stacked.  Note that the first line is the data file from which the traces will be extracted and the last line is "9999" that tells the script file that no more traces should be windowed and, therefore, proceed with the processing.