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index for seismic velocity determinations of the Yates triangle on the 4850 -- conducted during the fall of 2011

Data from Exhaust Drift and Vent Drift work in a table form --- this is "goto" page for data   Go To Data

Railroad track data 12-17-2011 (su format) -- data was acquired with three geophones and source to the north.  channel 1 was horizontal with arrow to the west; channel 2 was vertical; channel 3 was horizontal with arrow to the south.  used geophones from geophone bracket used for 175 receiver for 4850 level data. 100 microsecond sample interval; fallin edge trigger sgy data

surveyed points for receiver and source locations on the 4850


data taken 10-21-2011on 4850 level

data taken 10-26-2011 on 300 level

data taken 10-28-2011 on 4850 level -- so far includes 108k.sgy (175 ft) and 108l.sgy (150 ft)

data taken 11-18-11 on 4850 level

data taken June 1, 2012 on 4850 level mb2  mb3


copies of WMR and JVB notebooks


Location of points:

graphic showing points along Vent Drift

distances from shots and receiver locations


Seismic Analysis scripts (and new/cleaned up version of the first data file when the receiver was at 175 feet.

Picks for "old data" and "new data" based on 3-12-2015 work


list of index pages for various items of data


work in Rapid Park (just the seismograph surveys)

picks from the various seismic surveys on the 4850

notes from wmr - JVB

measurements and calculations for location of MB2 and 3 on Feb 2015







Core measurements including P/S and magnetic susceptibilities