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Ramps - the ramp system connects many of the levels below the 4850.  Adding two zeroes to the first two numbers yields the level below the surface. 

48A1 48A2 48A3 48A4 48A5 48A6 48A7 50A1 50A2 50A3
51A1 51A2 51A3 51B 53A 53MM 54A 54B1 54B2 54C1
54C2 56A 56B1 56B2 56B3 56C1 56C2 57A 57B1 57B2
57B3 57B4 59A 59B1 59B2 59C 60A1 60A2 60B1 60B2
60C 62A1 62A2 62B1 62B2 63A1 63A2 63A3 63B1 63B2
63C1 63C2 63C3 65A 65B1 65B2 65C1 65C2 65C3 65C4
65D2 66A1 66A2 66A3 66B1 66B2 66C1 66C2 68A1 68A2
68A3 68B1 68B2 68B3 68C1 68C2 68C3 69A1 69A2 69A3
69A4 69B1 69B2 69C1 69C2 71A1 71A2 71A3 71B1 71B2
71B3 72A1 72A2 72A3 72A4 72B1 72B2 72B3 74A1 74A2
74A3 74A4 74A5 74A6 74B1 74B2 74B3 74B4 75A1 75A2
75A3 75B1 75B2 77A1 77A2 77B 78A1 78A2 80A 81A1



Ramp between 4100 and 7700

Ramps between 4100 and 3950