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DXF files for the indicated levels


        Note:   - the coordinates for points are in feet (north to the top)

                    - each file is titled to indicate depth below the Yates Shaft collar, i.e. feet below the surface

                    - best viewed with IE


100xL 200L 300L 400L 500L 600L 700L 800L 900L 1000L
1100L 1250L 1400L 1500L 1700L 1800L 2000L 2150L 2300L 2450L
2600L 2700L 2900L 3050L 3200L 3350L 3500L 3650L 3800L 3950L
4100L 4250L 4400L 4550L 4700L 4850L 5000L 5150L 5150STIM 5300L
5300STIM 5450L 5450STIM 5600L 5750L 5750STIM 5900L 6050L 6200L 6350L
6500L 6650L 6800L 6950L 7100L 7250L 7400L 7550L 7700L 7850L
8000L   00SILL   Ross-Yates Shafts All Shafts        

Surface Topography